Sycamore and Amaranth Giveaway!

I can't believe it's already August! Time is flying by so fast. I feel like 2017 just started but l guess it's always better to be busy than to be bored right? :) 

I'm so excited to be collaborating with Whitney from Sycamore and Amaranth! She's a fellow Audrey Hepburn lover and her line of jewelry is simple, stunning, and chic!! 

All of the stones included in her pieces are hand-cut from India and the metal work is from a factory in LA. Not to mention her designs are all created by her! She also gives, 10% of all her proceeds, back to the Girls of San Antonio! "Girls Inc. of San Antonio works to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Your fun new bauble helps change the course of a young girl’s life forever. It doesn’t get much better than that! "

With time, I started investing more into my jewelry accessories not only because of my skin sensitivity to certain metals, but the classic timeless pieces we love and wear daily should have a greater lasting life. She catered to my sensitive ears and the metals included have been fine on me. I have not had any issues with the backings. On certain earrings, my ears tend to breakout or get infected because of certain materials but this was not the case for me with these. 

For my personal choice, I got the Howlite stone because, as most of you know, I am obsessed with marble and Howlite has a similar look. It's white, clean and easy to wear with various outfits.  

Fall is around the corner and we are wanting to gift her gorgeous IRIS CUFF! 

Enter the giveway here! 

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Photos by: Duy Tran

Classic royal blue


Remember this top? 

Shop it Here

This whole outfit is at Anjouils. The jeans fit True to size. I'm a 25 and they have great stretch to them. 

The top I'm wearing is also true to size. I am a small and I loved the way it fit. There's a closure in the back of the top to connect it TOGETHER and the material is light. the ruffles give it that fun and flirty touch. Not to mention the straps in front! I love the multiple straps! LAST, This yellow clutch definitely completes it. It's a great pop of color for this vibrant blue! Such a fun summer combination. It is definitely one of my favorite outfits! 

Anjouils has a great selection of summer clothing. Visit their store for more options and items! 


Photos by : Hey Pretty Baby! 

Guess What?!

We had the Grand opening for Soundbox Dance Studios  On April 22nd, 2017 and we had our first duo together!  

Scroll along to see photos from our dance together. 


That weekend had been so exciting and full of emotions but I'm so happy to say that I am engaged to my best friend! He did an amazing job!  He definitely surprised me! I had NO IDEA. 


Tropical paradise with Anjouils.


I am so excited to be able to shoot with Anjouils! I've always been a huge fan of their boutique since it opened. Thank you Baleigh and Marina for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a fun boutique! 

These are some of the new arrivals in their spring & summer line!


This kimono is very light and breezy. It looks great as a bathing suit cover up as well. I love the contrast patterns against the black tank. I have on high waisted shorts under, but you can't see them due to the tank being longer. 

To purchase any other items give Anjouils a call! They have FREE SHIPPING! Who doesn't love free shipping! :) 

I've included similar kimono tops at the bottom but this whole outfit can be purchased at Anjouils. 

Alejandra Aspillaga Accesorios Trunk Show!

Had an amazing time at my first trunk show with Alejandra and her beautiful accessories! She is the definition of living a colorful life! She will be having more appearances and shows coming soon! You don't want to miss out on these amazing beauties! 

What a great event this was! So happy she is getting the exposure she deserves! Her handmade jewelry is made with quality materials, and light weight! I loved wearing these and and can not wait to purchase a few more! She has so many different styles, sizes and colors. 


So happy I was able to meet these awesome blogger babes as well.

Check out their blogs. 

Left to right: Nikki, Alley, Alejandra , AuBrays

Head to Elaine Tuner to purchase any of her new styles!! 



Monday blues.

Monday's are usually pretty dreadful and slow for me. I'm usually catching up from all of the trouble that happened over the weekend but this Monday was such a productive start to the week! If only all Mondays were like this Monday. So I've decided to make it a new goal. Start Monday with the most positive attitude and mindset and It'll create better vibes for you and your environment. 

Speaking of positive vibes, I'm pretty positive this is my favorite Maxi playsuit I've ever owned. I've never been  to Coachella but I would definitely wear this playsuit to it. I paired the vibrant florals with my cognac booties that I'm crazy in love with. They are still one of my most comfortable pairs of chunky heels! I would've loved to pair it with a cute head chain but I didn't have one. I've included the links to similar ones below. The one I'm wearing is currently sold out. I've included links to different floral rompers at all different price points as well. 

Have a great night! 



Blogger brunch at B&B butchers.

What amazing women I had the pleasure of meeting at this brunch. I had such a great time! From the endless conversation to the mouth watering food! B&B butchers did a wonderful job hosting us. I wish I got a picture of the skyline from where we were sitting on the patio. 

I highly recommend this restaurant. The food never fails to amaze me. I didn't get to take other pictures of the food ( but I really wish I did)  the carpet bagger is my absolute favorite on their appetizer menu! Try this out when you get a chance! It's fried oysters topped with the most amazing bacon, sirloin and blue cheese crumbles. It had such an immense flavor and so thick! Now That's what I call bacon. 

Being a newbie blogger can be hard. It can be easy to get discouraged but being around great women who motivate and support you make all the difference. It reminds you of why you started in the first place. Glad I got the chance to meet these incredible inspiring women! 

image4 (1).JPG

I hadn't gotten the chance to post my outfit from this brunch so here it is. I'm in love with this skirt. It's I think 90% rayon and so soft. I love the elastic waist band of this skirt. It was simple yet elegant. I tried finding the link to it on Forever's page but it wasn't there. I always find random items from Forever 21 but it's never updated on their website. I paired it with this ribbed crop top to give the outfit a little more texture since my skirt wasn't busy. The top is also from Forever 21. My shoes are the only thing that isn't. I had jewelry paired up to wear with this but I was late so I didn't get a chance to put it on but I would've paired it with a dainty bracelet and a simple dangling necklace. 

As a blogger, I've learned that it can be a little embarrassing to pose outside if there are a lot of people watching but I've learned to just have fun with it! I think that's  how you get the best poses and pictures. 


As always, I've linked similar items at the bottom. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing week! The weekend is almost here! 

Cheers to more champagne and blogger brunches! 



First day of Spring!

Yay for Spring! Even though it already feels like summer in Texas. Lol 

Hopefully it'll stay warm and we won't get a random cold front in. You just never know with Texas weather. 

I got this yellow swing dress from Old navy. I couldn't find the same one but they do have the same dress in different patterns and it's on sale! 

I love the material of this dress. It's so soft and fits really nicely. The neckline has a nice pleated look and the hemline is not too short. Ive worn this to work and got a lot of great feedback! 

I did not wear these sandals to work but I still love the way they look with this dress. I hopped on the chunky heel train a little late but I absolutely love chunky heels! They have so much more support and are more comfortable walking for long periods of time. 

As always, I've included the looks at the bottom of my post! 

Comment below if you have any questions! 

Have a great night! 



Jord Watches

Review and Giveaway: Beautiful Reece Watch From JORD

This is a sponsored post, but my words and opinions are honest and my own.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite wood watch by Jord!

This is surprisingly light for a wood watch!  They cater to both men and women, offering different types of wood finishes, color assortments, and dial combinations. The one I currently have is from the Reece collection. It is made with Walnut wood. The natural walnut is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. It is also made with sapphire glass, which is actually not glass at all but rather synthetic crystal. Sapphire glass is only second to diamonds in hardness. If you are a little rough with your jewelry, this is a great feature to have! 

They offer custom sizing to fit your wrist perfectly and also have custom engravings! Shipping is also free worldwide!  Who doesn't love free shipping! 

I had to have this Walnut and Navy combo! I love the way it fits and feels on my wrist. It is very earthy and classic. A sophisticated way to incorporate wood into your wardrobe. Ultimately it’s a beautifully designed timepiece that makes a statement without having to scream. Check out their beautiful collection of watches for both women and men. 

GIVEAWAY: One lucky winner will receive the $100 gift code, and all other entrants will receive a $25 gift code!!

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Maroon Off Shoulder Dress.

Here's the full look on this maroon off shoulder dress! 

I loved how comfy the material was. It was really soft and light but I definitely had to wear shorts/spanx underneath in case there was any wind. haha. You always need to be prepared! 

These shoes I originally bought for Vegas in the summer but they were a perfect fit for this outfit! I tied them pretty high to have that wrap look but I had to be tied tight for them to stay on my calves as well. Overall the shoes are pretty comfy and I  didn't have trouble walking around for awhile. They have a heel height of 4 inches I'd say, so a little higher than most.  

With most off shoulder dresses, you worry about how they sit on your shoulders or if it will slip off easily but this wasn't the case for this dress. I didn't have to keep adjusting, but the only annoying thing was the plastic part that kept coming out. 

Overall, this is a comfortable spring transition piece!

Shop my looks below! 

Have a great day! 



Wedding/ banquet Floral look.

If you couldn't tell already, I am crazy about floral patterns. Especially with spring so near I'm getting a little crazy with it. I promise my whole wardrobe isn't floral patterns but I wouldn't mind it. :) 

So, this is my favorite wedding look. This Jacquard midi dress from ASOS was perfect for this outdoor San Diego wedding. I had a coat draped over my shoulders in case it was too chilly for me, but the blush added a nice touch to it.

The dress had a nice thick material that wasn't stretchy. I had a hard time walking in it because the slit in the back is not very long. I could hardly get in the car.

Although it looked nice, it was not super functional. I had to take really small steps and dancing wasn't easy. I still loved this dress a lot! If you're not a dancer or need an excuse to not get out on the dance floor, this is your type of dress! As for me, I'm still wondering how I walked and danced around in it all night. lol. 

I paired it with an H&M blush coat, a pair of strap nude heels (which were super comfy), a Micheal Kors simple band bracelet, pearls, and a Kendra Scott necklace. 

I have added links to my dress and accessories down below. I've also included other options that are similar.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or comment below! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 



San Diego Comfort.

We were in San Diego for two days for a wedding. We got to explore Little Italy this time. Check out travel for the things we did! 

This look was the perfect fit for someone who gets cold easily, like me. It was beautiful in San Diego but anything in the 50's requires at least a cardigan for me. 

I love the pearl snaps on this denim top! You don't find that too often so that small detail made me love this shirt even more. 

image1 (2).JPG

These booties are my favorite right now! Not only are they comfortable but they were only $30! I've included the links to similar styles but also the link to this exact pair below. 

I had fun accessorizing this look! Links to everything are below. 




Floral Flare Dress.

I got this dress awhile back on the website Sheinside. I loved the way it fit and was perfect for multiple occasions. It has the cutesy look with a sexy neckline that is not too flashy. 

The skirt has this mesh layer under to help keep it's shape so it doesn't droop down. For under $30 I would say this is a great purchase! Great for banquets, weddings, Valentines Day, etc. 

I couldn't find the dress at Sheinside anymore but I've included some links for places that sell the same dress! 

I've also found some similar dresses but they are not floral. Same style dress from Nasty Gal! 

Thank you Karen for taking such amazing photos! 

Florals for valentines!

Floral prints are my go to for Valentines! If you don't like receiving flowers at least wear them :) 

I love this skirt! I actually bought this skirt at a boutique in Houston but the brand is Latiste and you can find it in stores like AGACI. I also found it on an online website called Chicwish. The link is included below. The skirt fits perfectly around my waist. It is a high waisted skirt. The material is thicker, which I like because it doesn't feel cheap. Overall the skirt was worth the $40! 

My crop top is one of my favorites. It is also a thicker material and has a zipper in the back, which is very convenient after you do your make-up. 

My heels are Jessica Simpson. I actually hated them in the beginning because I had so many blisters but after you break them in, you could walk hours in them and be okay. I haven't had very good luck with her heels. They've all been pretty uncomfortable for me. I love her designs, but not the best comfort. 

If you have any questions on this look be sure to comment below! 

Have a great day and I hope you enjoy this look. 



Effortless chic.

You can never go wrong with black and white. 

I loved this white cape blazer from Boohoo. It's not that satin material so it's definitely more casual feeling. The Pixie pants are from old navy. I absolutely LOVE their pixie pants. I have so many pairs because they are easy to wear to work and are really comfortable.  These heels are actually not that bad for work if you don't  walk a million blocks a day. They aren't too high so walking around in the office all day isn't terrible. I've included all the links at the bottom of my post if you wanted to know where to find these items. I've also included some look alike options as well. 

Thanks to Chris Le for taking such great pictures! Follow him!