Maroon Off Shoulder Dress.

Here's the full look on this maroon off shoulder dress! 

I loved how comfy the material was. It was really soft and light but I definitely had to wear shorts/spanx underneath in case there was any wind. haha. You always need to be prepared! 

These shoes I originally bought for Vegas in the summer but they were a perfect fit for this outfit! I tied them pretty high to have that wrap look but I had to be tied tight for them to stay on my calves as well. Overall the shoes are pretty comfy and I  didn't have trouble walking around for awhile. They have a heel height of 4 inches I'd say, so a little higher than most.  

With most off shoulder dresses, you worry about how they sit on your shoulders or if it will slip off easily but this wasn't the case for this dress. I didn't have to keep adjusting, but the only annoying thing was the plastic part that kept coming out. 

Overall, this is a comfortable spring transition piece!

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Have a great day! 



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