First day of Spring!

Yay for Spring! Even though it already feels like summer in Texas. Lol 

Hopefully it'll stay warm and we won't get a random cold front in. You just never know with Texas weather. 

I got this yellow swing dress from Old navy. I couldn't find the same one but they do have the same dress in different patterns and it's on sale! 

I love the material of this dress. It's so soft and fits really nicely. The neckline has a nice pleated look and the hemline is not too short. Ive worn this to work and got a lot of great feedback! 

I did not wear these sandals to work but I still love the way they look with this dress. I hopped on the chunky heel train a little late but I absolutely love chunky heels! They have so much more support and are more comfortable walking for long periods of time. 

As always, I've included the looks at the bottom of my post! 

Comment below if you have any questions! 

Have a great night! 



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