Blogger brunch at B&B butchers.

What amazing women I had the pleasure of meeting at this brunch. I had such a great time! From the endless conversation to the mouth watering food! B&B butchers did a wonderful job hosting us. I wish I got a picture of the skyline from where we were sitting on the patio. 

I highly recommend this restaurant. The food never fails to amaze me. I didn't get to take other pictures of the food ( but I really wish I did)  the carpet bagger is my absolute favorite on their appetizer menu! Try this out when you get a chance! It's fried oysters topped with the most amazing bacon, sirloin and blue cheese crumbles. It had such an immense flavor and so thick! Now That's what I call bacon. 

Being a newbie blogger can be hard. It can be easy to get discouraged but being around great women who motivate and support you make all the difference. It reminds you of why you started in the first place. Glad I got the chance to meet these incredible inspiring women! 

image4 (1).JPG

I hadn't gotten the chance to post my outfit from this brunch so here it is. I'm in love with this skirt. It's I think 90% rayon and so soft. I love the elastic waist band of this skirt. It was simple yet elegant. I tried finding the link to it on Forever's page but it wasn't there. I always find random items from Forever 21 but it's never updated on their website. I paired it with this ribbed crop top to give the outfit a little more texture since my skirt wasn't busy. The top is also from Forever 21. My shoes are the only thing that isn't. I had jewelry paired up to wear with this but I was late so I didn't get a chance to put it on but I would've paired it with a dainty bracelet and a simple dangling necklace. 

As a blogger, I've learned that it can be a little embarrassing to pose outside if there are a lot of people watching but I've learned to just have fun with it! I think that's  how you get the best poses and pictures. 


As always, I've linked similar items at the bottom. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing week! The weekend is almost here! 

Cheers to more champagne and blogger brunches! 



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