Monday blues.

Monday's are usually pretty dreadful and slow for me. I'm usually catching up from all of the trouble that happened over the weekend but this Monday was such a productive start to the week! If only all Mondays were like this Monday. So I've decided to make it a new goal. Start Monday with the most positive attitude and mindset and It'll create better vibes for you and your environment. 

Speaking of positive vibes, I'm pretty positive this is my favorite Maxi playsuit I've ever owned. I've never been  to Coachella but I would definitely wear this playsuit to it. I paired the vibrant florals with my cognac booties that I'm crazy in love with. They are still one of my most comfortable pairs of chunky heels! I would've loved to pair it with a cute head chain but I didn't have one. I've included the links to similar ones below. The one I'm wearing is currently sold out. I've included links to different floral rompers at all different price points as well. 

Have a great night! 



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