Lessons I've learned from NYFW and an outfit recap!

Finally able to share a recap of my looks and a few lessons I've learned after my first fashion week! 

1. Bring snacks in your purse because you literally do not have time to eat. 

I was running on coffee and granola bars pretty much the whole trip. I love food and was not trying to skip meals, but it's so hard when you pack your schedule and just don't have time to grab a full meal. which leads me to my next lesson. 

2. Don't jam pack your schedule ( unless you want to) 

From my first experience, I was overly optimistic with attending shows. I wanted to attend them all!! Who wouldn't?! All the designers work their butts off and you want to see that hard work in person but it is really difficult to do since occasional hiccups happen. For instance, a show will run late causing other shows to run behind or traffic (which is most of the time). I felt a little overwhelmed because I didn't want to get black listed. I had to send a lot of apology emails due to not being able to get in on time. I also was really tired because I couldn't get a full meal in! I would just have to grab something quick and go. 

3. There is no such thing as too much. 

It was so fun to see such bold styles and colors! So many shapes, hairstyles and combinations!! Not going to lie but I wish I was more bold on this trip and jumped out of my comfort zone. NYFW is the week that you can go as bold as you want and the possibilities are endless. 

4. Be open and connect! 

There were so many bloggers I follow that were at fashion week and yeah I was a little afraid to approach them but remember that they are normal people too! I mean unless they've got a security team around them or something, I don't think it's wrong to tell someone you appreciate or admire their blog/page. 

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes! 

Okay, so I didn't listen to this piece of advice until a few blisters later. I finally gave in and wore a few pairs of flats which I'm so glad I brought. You don't realize how much walking you do. 

6. MOST IMportant, have fun! 

I had so many things go wrong I didn't think I would make it to NYFW. From my flight getting canceled the day before, to getting delayed 4 hours, then getting on the wrong train, I could've been a huge grump but nothing was going to stop me from enjoying one of the best weeks I've always dreamed of. Just always remember, things could be worse. Have a great attitude no matter what gets thrown at you and you'll be fine. Always. 

Day 1.

Day 2. 

Day 3.

image1 (9).JPG

Day 4. 

image2 (8).JPG

What an amazing experience it was to attend NYFW. It is surreal to be able to attend and such a great blessing to have had the opportunity to go. Can't wait to share more moments and photos with you. 



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