For The Love of Pearls.

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had an eventful or relaxing weekend! This weather is crazy today with the sleet and snow. I just took Cooper (my dog) on a walk and the ice was just sticking to his coat! It's not really nice and fluffy snow. More of hard sticky ice if that makes sense. I'm glad they canceled school and work for most of Houston. If they didn't cancel for you, please make the best choice to stay in if necessary. Please stay safe out there y'all!! This ice is no joke. I know for others who live outside of Texas reading this are probably thinking "oh it's just a little ice" but Houstonians aren't used to this type of weather. Our roads are not ready for it either making it really dangerous for us. (BTW grammar is not my thing so excuse all of my run ons and incorrect punctuations. lol )

Any who, this weekend was an eventful one with lots going on at the studio. 

We had a 3 day intensive starting Friday through Sunday at Soundbox Dance studios and the line up was amazing. All of the collaborations were so inspiring and there is just so much talent! I'll link the videos once they are done with edits but for now I"ll tell you about one of my favorite trends that will definitely be a long lasting favorite! 

If you know me personally, I am huge fan of PEARLS! Ever since Duy got me my pearl necklace I've always had a sweet spot for pearls. Real or faux. I love it ALL! Pearls have always been modern and always add a classy touch to any piece. Even if it's super edgy, I think it's never too much. 

I love this black choker top I'm wearing with the pearl embellishments. It honestly was more of a keyhole than a choker. The pearls are not sewn on but they have this specific clasp that really holds onto the fabric. I can't feel that they are on my top. Like most Shein tops, the material is not very thick. It is not sheer and I did not need to wear an undershirt but in the winter, you bet I had a jacket on over it. It's pairs well with most. I have worn it to work with a blazer over it or out with a leather jacket over. It's such a great statement top and versatile top.

In this specific outfit, I rocked my white booties I got from Tobi. Again, another style I am happy to see brought back to life. 

Shoes|Top| Sunglasses|Pants

Second Look-3.jpg

Hello, World!

Second Look-6.jpg
Second Look-4.jpg
Second Look-2.jpg

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I've linked all the pearl embellished items I love below. I hope you are able to find a pearl piece you love! I wish I could have them all! You can bet that you'll see more pearl embellished pieces soon. 






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