The wedding year.

Wow. It’s the last day of the year! This upcoming year is going to be filled with so many exciting things including me getting married!  It’ll be the last year I will be a un-married woman! Earlier this year, Duy proposed to me and it was such a wonderful day. Watch our proposal video HERE.

Today I am sharing a few of my engagement party photos on the blog. I am Vietnamese, and we had a traditional Dam Hoi which is the engagement tea ceremony. It’s pretty much a smaller version of a wedding ceremony in our culture but for the engagement.

The groom’s family meets at the bride’s families home bearing gifts such as tea, fruit, jewelry, and various types of food.  They all symbolize something positive towards a marriage. Here are some of our photos. Please feel free to ask any questions about our traditional engagement! 

Since we got engaged I’ve been over my head with wedding planning. I’m naturally a positive person so I’m always thinking things will work out and everything will be fine but in this case not so much.

Luckily WeddingWire’s checklists have been such a huge help with keeping me on track. I have a timeline to make sure I am on track with what I need to get done and a great budgeting tool. It also gives me checklists for my bridesmaids to help me out as well. I’ve downloaded the app onto my phone, so I can instantly check my to do list and plan anytime, anywhere! Having a layout month to month makes life a lot less stressful when you’ve got a million other things going on.

I’ve scheduled to visit multiple venues that WeddingWire has recommended and it was all so easy to search thanks to their filter tool. Categorizing it down to how many people and what style venue you want made it easy to select and book appointments. I can not wait to book a venue and continue planning thanks to WeddingWire! I’ll be sharing my updates on Wedding planning so keep an eye out for any new posts and events I am attending. 

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