The first step.

We have finally booked a venue! Oh goodness, I think we saw around 6 before we booked one. It’s not because I didn’t love the first ones we saw but there are so many things to consider before completely booking. I first started out with looking at WeddingWire’s venue tool. It helped tremendously since I was able to filter just about everything I didn’t want. It narrowed it down for me. I was immediately able to contact them with any questions directly through the website. For some companies, they sent me their packages so I could look at multiple options before the actual tour of the facility. It gave me a gauge with the specific pricing and upgrade options to discuss with Duy so we both knew what to expect. Now the main part is done and I finally get to the most fun part. Well one of the most fun parts for me.  Ha. DRESS SHOPPING!!!

I’m not a plan your wedding when you are 10 years old type of girl. I honestly never thought about it until I started dating so naturally I never really thought of wedding dresses on myself. Just mainly on others. I always envisioned a specific dress but was never really open minded about what might look better. I think one of the pieces of advice I would give a bride is to be open minded about dresses. You just never know what looks good until you try it on. Most of the time, it’ll surprise you how much you might love it. Granted, you will hate a lot of dresses but I think the ending outcome is worth it. That feeling when you look in the mirror with the perfect dress and realize, " I'm getting married." It's exciting and scary all at once. 

There are so many designers to choose from and they all capture many beautiful styles of dresses. I love that WeddingWire's Dresses option, I'm able to look for designers, neckline styles, and silhouettes before I try them on. 

Thanks to my Maid of Honor and WeddingWire's website, I will be going to 4 different bridal boutiques and I can not wait! I am hoping to find my dress and if I don't, I know I'll have more of WeddingWire's bridal recommendations to go through. 

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Photos by Kristian Chov

Wedding Wednesday and Work Wear wednesday combined! Put on this outfit when I woke up and it was 40 degrees outside but by the time I left work it was 70. Why am I surprised. Texas never fails to be bipolar. I can't wait to be back in San Diego next week. The weather was so perfect there. If you have any specific requests on wedding stuff please let me know! 

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