Wedding Dresses Part #1

Guys, It’s wedding Wednesday!  It’s been a long month of Wedding planning, but I have great news!




This was one of the most difficult decisions for me. I tried on about 20+ dresses. Oh goodness, I have commitment issues. Well after visiting 7 different bridal stores and boutiques that I found on Weddingwire, I found THE ONE. Of course, y’all won’t see the actual dress until the wedding day but I had so much fun trying so many different designers and styles! You only get married once so I took the chance to try on as many wedding dresses as I could! There’s just this magical feeling of a wedding dress and how beautiful it makes you feel.  It’s even better when you think about how your soon to be Hubby will look at you in your dream dress.

Here are a few of the dresses I tried on.

image3 (1).JPG


10 pieces of advice I would give when trying on wedding dresses is:

1.       Wear enough make up to make you feel beautiful but don’t over do it.

a.       I used to go shopping looking like crap. The logic being that if something I tried on looked really cute when I looked really terrible that would mean it was in reality, super cute. Your wedding dress is something you want to be able to picture yourself in when you’re feeling confident and beautiful; plus you want to snap photos of yourself and you don’t want your face looking terrible.

2.       Wear nude undergarments!

a.       You just don’t want to take that chance of colored undergarments showing through a white dress. If you feel comfortable going nude in front of your stylist then be my guest, but a majority of women aren’t comfortable with that.

3.       Set a budget for your gown but make sure to ask if they have any discounts available for you.

a.       Most stores give brides a discount on their first visit if they purchase their gown that day or the next day. We all set budgets for our gowns, but it never hurts to save more than what we planned!

4.       If you don’t know what you want, have each one of your bridesmaids, Mom, Mother-in-law, etc pick out a different style dress for you.

a.        Sometimes a style you might not think would look good on you could surprise you. There are so many styles of dresses and even though you may have a dream dress in mind, it doesn’t always look how you planned. This is what happened to me--I ended up loving a few dresses that my bridesmaids chose for me. The various input from friend and family helped me narrow down what I liked and didn’t like.

5.       Don’t forget to take photos in the dresses!

a.       If you are indecisive like me, you will definitely be comparing later after you leave the store if you aren’t sure.

6.       Limit yourself when trying on dresses.

a.       My girlfriend told me to do this, but I really did not realize how physically and emotionally draining it is to try on 10+ dresses in one day. Everything starts to look the same and you get confused on what you want. I LOVE trying on wedding dresses, but I would definitely suggest pacing yourself and spread your fittings out over a couple of different appointments. It helped me keep a clear mind and not be exhausted or fall into other opinions of a wedding dress.

7.       Move around in the dresses and be vocal

a.       There were a few dresses I really loved but quickly realized I couldn’t move in them. If you know anything about me you know I love to dance! If I can’t get down, it’s definitely a no!

b.       Also, be vocal about how you feel. No one can read your mind. Don’t be afraid to say you hate something. It may seem rude but if you don’t tell your stylist that you don’t like it she may keep pulling the same type of gown leading to an exhausting and frustrating fitting.

8.       Try on the dress your Mom loves, even if you hate it.

a.       My mom loved a certain style dress on me and although it wasn’t my style I tried it on for her. It’s okay to not like the recommendations your mother makes, but remember, you are her little girl and she is over the moon that you are getting married. It’s only normal for her to be so excited and involved. It’s not going to kill you to try on just one more dress that your Mom likes. She’ll either see that the dress really does look terrible like you thought, or it could turn out amazing.

9.       They say Limit your entourage.

a.       I have mixed feeling about this. I loved having my girlfriends and mom be there with me. They say it can turn into a crazy reality show with so many opinions and people in one room, but it wasn’t that way for me. I have 8 bridesmaids so it’s difficult to schedule for them all to be there at once, but I had so many appointments it worked out. Half of my entourage was able to make the first fitting and the other half was able to attend at a different one. In the end I able to share my experience of trying on beautiful wedding gowns with all the girls who mean so much to me. Surprisingly, I found my dress(es) when I went shopping on my own. (I’ll go more in depth with this later)

10.   You only get married once. (Well let’s hope so.)

a.       Although this is an exciting time and all your friends and family are equally excited, don’t forget to stay true to what you want. Not everyone likes the same thing and there can be a lot of opinions thrown around. Remember this is YOUR day. Follow your heart on what you love and stand strong on which dress you think is THE ONE.


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Stay tuned for another dress post! I tried on so many dresses and wanted to share them with y'all! On the next post, I'll be posting my favorite designers that I tried and some of the dresses that were so close to being THE ONE!  

*Thank you to Weddingwire for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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