Bridal Extravanganza

Today on Wedding Wednesday I’m recapping my Bridal extravaganza experience! When the new year hit, wedding planning really hit me, and I realized there were so many things I needed to get done! After finding our venue, which was a huge weight off my shoulders, I realized how many vendors I needed to start looking at. I was exploring my WeddingWire page and realize there was an events tab. Luckily, I stumbled upon it because this took me to bridal shows happening in Houston. That is where I found that the Bridal Extravaganza was taking place a few weeks later at the convention center.

People always mentioned it and told me it was helpful, so I figured I would look into it. Luckily I did because attending this event helped me get so many contacts all in one place. Granted it was a little stressful but overall a great experience and convention.

If you’ve ever been to a convention you know that it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many things to see and so little time. Not to mention, the amount of people that are there as well. My first piece of advice would be to have a few of your bridesmaids to help you out because there are over a hundred booths to explore! You want to enjoy yourself and not have to worry about signing your name down for everything. One of the items that helped were when you entered the event, they lead you to a line where you’re able to print out labels with all your information. You use those labels to stick on their clipboards to follow up. This will save you so much time and you are still able to see what you want and enter all the amazing giveaways!

Below are photos of the event and different booths we were able to stop by. They went from cake tasting, decorating, wedding dresses, tuxedos, wedding favors, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of they had ideas and inspo for you. Besides cake tasting, one of my favorite parts was (to no surprise) the bridal fashion shows. I was swooning over so many dresses.  I highly recommend this event to those who are newly engaged. It’s a great event to spend time with your bridesmaids, mom and mother in law. You really learn so much about what you do and don’t want.


I had so much fun with these bride to be's! Thank you so much to my matron and maid of honor! They have been the ABSOLUTE BEST FRIENDS a girl could ask for. 

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Thank you to WeddingWire for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

The first step.

We have finally booked a venue! Oh goodness, I think we saw around 6 before we booked one. It’s not because I didn’t love the first ones we saw but there are so many things to consider before completely booking. I first started out with looking at WeddingWire’s venue tool. It helped tremendously since I was able to filter just about everything I didn’t want. It narrowed it down for me. I was immediately able to contact them with any questions directly through the website. For some companies, they sent me their packages so I could look at multiple options before the actual tour of the facility. It gave me a gauge with the specific pricing and upgrade options to discuss with Duy so we both knew what to expect. Now the main part is done and I finally get to the most fun part. Well one of the most fun parts for me.  Ha. DRESS SHOPPING!!!

I’m not a plan your wedding when you are 10 years old type of girl. I honestly never thought about it until I started dating so naturally I never really thought of wedding dresses on myself. Just mainly on others. I always envisioned a specific dress but was never really open minded about what might look better. I think one of the pieces of advice I would give a bride is to be open minded about dresses. You just never know what looks good until you try it on. Most of the time, it’ll surprise you how much you might love it. Granted, you will hate a lot of dresses but I think the ending outcome is worth it. That feeling when you look in the mirror with the perfect dress and realize, " I'm getting married." It's exciting and scary all at once. 

There are so many designers to choose from and they all capture many beautiful styles of dresses. I love that WeddingWire's Dresses option, I'm able to look for designers, neckline styles, and silhouettes before I try them on. 

Thanks to my Maid of Honor and WeddingWire's website, I will be going to 4 different bridal boutiques and I can not wait! I am hoping to find my dress and if I don't, I know I'll have more of WeddingWire's bridal recommendations to go through. 

WorkWear (7 of 9).jpg
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Photos by Kristian Chov

Wedding Wednesday and Work Wear wednesday combined! Put on this outfit when I woke up and it was 40 degrees outside but by the time I left work it was 70. Why am I surprised. Texas never fails to be bipolar. I can't wait to be back in San Diego next week. The weather was so perfect there. If you have any specific requests on wedding stuff please let me know! 

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The wedding year.

Wow. It’s the last day of the year! This upcoming year is going to be filled with so many exciting things including me getting married!  It’ll be the last year I will be a un-married woman! Earlier this year, Duy proposed to me and it was such a wonderful day. Watch our proposal video HERE.

Today I am sharing a few of my engagement party photos on the blog. I am Vietnamese, and we had a traditional Dam Hoi which is the engagement tea ceremony. It’s pretty much a smaller version of a wedding ceremony in our culture but for the engagement.

The groom’s family meets at the bride’s families home bearing gifts such as tea, fruit, jewelry, and various types of food.  They all symbolize something positive towards a marriage. Here are some of our photos. Please feel free to ask any questions about our traditional engagement! 

Since we got engaged I’ve been over my head with wedding planning. I’m naturally a positive person so I’m always thinking things will work out and everything will be fine but in this case not so much.

Luckily WeddingWire’s checklists have been such a huge help with keeping me on track. I have a timeline to make sure I am on track with what I need to get done and a great budgeting tool. It also gives me checklists for my bridesmaids to help me out as well. I’ve downloaded the app onto my phone, so I can instantly check my to do list and plan anytime, anywhere! Having a layout month to month makes life a lot less stressful when you’ve got a million other things going on.

I’ve scheduled to visit multiple venues that WeddingWire has recommended and it was all so easy to search thanks to their filter tool. Categorizing it down to how many people and what style venue you want made it easy to select and book appointments. I can not wait to book a venue and continue planning thanks to WeddingWire! I’ll be sharing my updates on Wedding planning so keep an eye out for any new posts and events I am attending.